Lori (Flynn) Shoup is a licensed massage therapist in Clio. With experience in both medical and spa technique, she is able to personalize each session to match her client's needs. She has been practicing massage since 2015. Along with therapeutic massage, Lori is also a yoga instructor, energy worker, and natural health educator. She approaches health and the human body with the philosophy that we have been blessed with a beautiful and intelligent biology, that is quite capable of healing itself with built-in techniques to keep ourselves up and running. This is why she chose Healthy Self Wellness - Heal thy Self. She is ready to help her clients and equip them with the tools needed to begin their healing journey and maintain their wellbeing.
Alongside Lori, is massage therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and artist Erin Flynn! Erin joined the team November of 2020, but has been practicing Massage since 2017. Erin is a compassionate therapist who is able to deliver the pressure and technique that fits each client as an individual.
The Healthy Self Sisters are available to help our clients in a holistic way 6 days a week - schedule your appointment today to begin your natural health journey.

True Testimonials

Sara Trzemzalski

I highly recommend seeing Lori for any of your massage needs. I love that she asks you before any session where you've been hurting or feel tension versus just doing the usual full body routine. I have endometriosis and she is so good about making me feel comfortable and not feeling bad if I need to get up to move, use the bathroom, or change positions - even if I see her during a flare-up. Stop hesitating and go see her to treat yourself - you will not regret it! ☺️ Last-minute appointments · Great deals · Amazing results · Luxurious experience

Tracey Johnson Ellis

I have been seeing Lori for awhile now and will continue doing so. She has the whole package as a massage therapist. The relaxing environment she creates, her knowledge of muscles, and her ability to work hard at relaxing my tense muscles is what keeps me going back often. She also offers many services that add to a basic massage. Highly recommend her!!!!